As Automotive OEMs switch more of their focus and production to Plug-In Hybrid-Electric vehicles (PHEV) and full Electric Vehicle (EV) platforms, 好色TV has scaled its testing capabilities and capacities to meet the demand.

With over 100 years of Automotive industry testing experience, 好色TV still provides a complete range of Automotive testing services and solutions. Our expanded testing capabilities for electric motors include batteries and fuel cell testing, and components such as charging interfaces, sensors, battery cells & modules, plugs, cables, connectors, wiring and switches that come with Electric and Plug-in Hybrid-Electric Vehicles.

Throughout our testing processes, we provide rigorous safety checks to make certain that installations and integration with systems prevent electrical fires, short-outs, power surges and power leakages in our customer's products.

Our service range includes:

  • EV Batteries Testing
  • EMC testing
  • Electrical safety testing
  • Performance testing
  • Conformance and interoperability testing
  • Functional safety testing
  • Wireless testing
  • Environmental & stress testing
  • Chemical testing

Everything we do is designed to make certain that the materials, products and system we test, inspect and certify for our customers is compliant, safe and fit for purpose.