Computers, IT (ITE), and multimedia equipment (MME) must be assessed for the range of their intended use cases to earn the applicable global certifications. This requires the help of a trusted testing partner.

Whether your computer, ITE or MME is radio-enabled or not, 好色TV provides a full range of service solutions for today’s electronic equipment manufacturers.


Products without Radio Connectivity

For computers, ITE and MME without radio connectivity, EMC and product safety assessments are required. At 好色TV, we test for the EU’s EMC Directive (EMCD) and Low Voltage Directive (LVD), the USA’s FCC Part 15 subpart B and Canada’s ICES range, including North American product safety requirements. 


Products with Radio Connectivity

For ITE and MME with radio connectivity, EMC, product safety, radio performance and RF exposure assessments are required. We test for the EU’s Radio Equipment Directive (RED), the USA’s FCC certification Part 15 subpart B and Canada’s ICES range, in addition to the FCC radio parts and Canada’s RSS range, including North American product safety requirements.


Authorization and Regulatory Approvals

In addition to the fundamental testing requirements, your computer products require authorization and regulatory approvals, based on either declaration of conformity (DoC) or certification. Regardless of the required route, our industry experts will guide you through the process and ensure your product is authorized correctly.

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