Join Us for CERTIFIED Academy: Design 2024

We make your professional development exciting and fun! With CERTIFIED Academy: Design, you can attend online training sessions with fellow educators to collaborate and learn. If you prepare the next generation of designers, engineers, makers, or artists, then CERTIFIED Academy: Design is the course for you. You can and see all the session details below.

What is CERTIFIED Academy: Design?

CERTIFIED Academy: Design is an immersive online professional development program for CTE educators, particularly those focusing on design and engineering. This is your chance to learn from your fellow creative educators and industry professionals and, if you opt for the paid access, certify your own skills.

From now until May, we’ll help you discover new ways of teaching and dive together into available resources for your classroom. Plus, will receive a professional development certificate, allowing you to demonstrate the hours you spent learning and growing through CERTIFIED Academy.

See the full line-up and details below.

What if I want to get certified?

In addition to our weekly training sessions, we’re offering our CERTIFIED Academy: Design Bootcamp experience. Bootcamp participants can select an Adobe, Autodesk, Intuit Design for Delight, or Unity certification exam you’d like to take at the end of the CERTIFIED Academy course and get full access to curriculum and practice tests to prepare for your testing day.

Webinar Schedule

Teaching video production and editing

The need for video production and editing skills is skyrocketing. In 2024 alone, companies spending over $92B on video marketing. In this session, sponsored by the Adobe Certified Professional certification program, we’ll dive into the world of video editing and production. Get valuable tips and tricks for teaching Adobe Premiere Pro in the classroom, plus discover additional resources to help your students master these in-demand skills.

Date: April 10, 2024
Time: 1 PM ET
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Hands-on learning in the classroom

Research studies consistently demonstrate the power of active learning or learning by doing. Helping students become more engaged in the learning process means creating hands-on learning opportunities. In this Autodesk Certified User sponsored webinar, we’ll learn from two Autodesk educators about how they incorporate hands-on projects and playful learning opportunities that keep students engaged and excited about engineering and design.

Date: April 17, 2024
Time: 1 PM ET
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Using design thinking in the development process

Looking for new methods to promote creativity, critical thinking, complex problem solving, and collaboration in your classroom? Intuit’s Design for Delight program is here to help. Join us to learn how to teach students design thinking skills that they can leverage in the design and development process. With Intuit’s approach, your students will discover how to solve problems, innovate, and delight their future customers and employers.

Date: April 24, 2024
Time: 1 PM ET
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Meet the newest Adobe Certified Professional exams

With Adobe, the proof is in the portfolio. Two exciting additions are coming to the Adobe Certified Professional portfolio this year: Document Creation & Management Using Adobe Acrobat, and Content Creation for Marketing Using Adobe Express. Join us to learn more about these new certifications and their value in preparing students for careers in design, marketing, business, and beyond.

Date: May 1, 2024
Time: 1 PM ET
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Diving in the world of Virtual Reality with Unity

Unity is the leading platform for creating real-time 3D experiences. As the demand for immersive and interactive content -- including Virtual Reality (VR) -- continues to grow, so does the demand for Unity skills. Whether you’re immersed in VR or looking to get your feet wet, this Unity Certified User sponsored session will be a great way to learn how you can teach and empower learners with VR skills for their future careers.

Date: May 8, 2024
Time: 4 PM ET
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Designing and creating with Adobe, Autodesk, and Unity

In the real world, professionals need to have multiple tools in their design toolbelts. Understanding how to leverage numerous applications for one project can be a challenge. In our CERTIFIED Academy: Design capstone webinar, we’ll learn from industry professional, Charles Hache, about how he creates and designs in the real world. We’ll talk about discovering which tools are best for various needs, and how you can help students connect more than one application to create more effective results.

Date: May 22, 2024
Time: 1 PM ET

Don’t worry if one of the dates or times listed won’t work with your schedule. for the webinar and you’ll get first access to a recorded presentation to view on your own time. We can’t wait to learn with all of you!