OfficePro, Inc. empowers the future workforce with Microsoft Office Specialist certification

OfficePro, Inc., located in Gaithersburg, MD, is a small business dedicated to providing professional services, training, and end-user adoption programs. Founded in 1984, the company initially focused on end-user training in the audio-visual space and has since expanded its services, training over one million professionals globally. The company comprises three divisions: a staffing division, a training division, and a testing division, all aimed at helping clients connect with qualified candidates and assisting in upskilling individuals.

Employer demand for Microsoft Office skills and certification

The decision to incorporate Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification into their business model stemmed from the growing demand from employers for their staff to be proficient in Microsoft Office. A notable instance of this was when they placed an AV tech on a job site, and part of their responsibility was to run a Zoom meeting and manage a Microsoft Office PowerPoint. Unfortunately, the individual struggled with advancing a PowerPoint slide, prompting the company to seek ways to provide training and skill validation for Microsoft Office.

OfficePro, Inc. adopted the MOS certification program and CertPREP Practice Tests, powered by GMetrix, to train and certify candidates they placed, as well as their clients’ staff. This approach empowered individuals with an industry-recognized certification that could be used globally and meet the demands of modern-day employers.

“Certification gives confidence to the employer that their employee knows Microsoft Office,” explained Aaron Udler, CEO of OfficePro Inc., “We see employers regularly asking for Microsoft Office skills as a requirement and sometimes even specifying MOS expert as a prerequisite.”

How Microsoft Office Specialist elevates workplace proficiency

Since launching the MOS certification program, the company has offered training and MOS certification to workforce development groups, the government sector, and consulting companies. They collaborate with diverse companies, conducting surveys to evaluate employee needs and assess the company’s proficiency and familiarity with the tools they employ.

After pinpointing the company’s requirements and employees’ needs, they provide tailored training, commonly focusing on Microsoft Office applications such as Excel™, PowerPoint™, Word, and Outlook™. This training encompasses offering individuals a CertPREP Practice Test to prepare for the Microsoft Office Specialist certification. Upon finishing the course and successfully passing the MOS certification exam, individuals can go back to their employers and showcase their competence in fully utilizing the software’s features and functionalities.

“Companies are experiencing significant returns on MOS certification as leaders and managers don’t have to spend as much time handholding to get tasks done,” explained Beth Chernoff, Vice President of Client Engagement. “They can go in, know exactly what they’re doing, and perform tasks more rapidly.”

These outcomes also apply to individuals trained by OfficePro, Inc. in non-institutional settings. Numerous individuals reach out, expressing the need for Microsoft Office training due to their foundational knowledge in Google. The positions they are pursuing demand proficiency in Microsoft Office skills or certification.

Due to these benefits, OfficePro, Inc. also uses MOS certification to empower their own employees. It is essential as they utilize Microsoft Office nearly every day, including emailing in Outlook, data analytics in Excel, drafting documents in Word, and putting together training presentations in PowerPoint. They also look for MOS certification on resumes when hiring new employees or interns.

Regardless of the industry, MOS certification is a proven method for individuals to increase their marketability, companies to increase their productivity, and ensures a knowledgeable workforce that fosters quality and consistency.

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